There exists not a single person in this whole world who is not at all familiar with the Badminton game. It is one of the most interesting games which were once upon a time played by royals and at present a compulsory event in the Olympics. Apart from being a good choice of losing weight with ease, it is very much easy to learn and practical to work upon.

wooden flooring of badminton court

Badminton – Recreation cum Good Exercise


If you are leading a busy life and looking for a short cut way to give shapes to your muscles, then playing Badminton will be the best alternate for you. Due to continuous contraction and expansion of the muscles during plying, they get rejuvenated and enhance blood circulation in the body. In order to provide comfort to the players, wooden flooring of badminton court is now becoming a common trend.


The game of Badminton was firstly played by the children in India. The name got transformed from battledore to badminton due to the Dukes who played the same game in the Badminton House. A lot of changes have been made into this game and it can be easily played between partners in more than two in number with ease.


Objectives Regarding the Game


In order to be successful in the field of this particular game, some objectives as well as badminton court rules must be followed religiously. Hitting of the shuttlecock in a random manner will not do the needful. Instead there must be proper striking of the shuttlecock from both the sides and this activity must get carried on until the same falls onto the ground. You will be able to fetch score in case the shuttlecock has been dropped by the opponent or hit outside the court.


Gaining of Score – Made Easy


In the earlier days 15 was considered to be the deadline but many at present consider 21 to be the deadline. In order to win, succeeding in two games is a must. In case your opponent commits any mistake like dropping of the shuttlecock in his court, you will be gaining the point. Afterwards, it is high time to hold bit knowledge about wooden flooring advantages and disadvantages. In the earlier days, it was played randomly at any place. But at present, wooden courts are preferred for playing the game. The measurement of the court must be approximately 20*44 along with a net which must be maximum at a height of 5 feet in length. It resembles the same that of tennis and volleyball!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Flooring for Badminton


Some of the associated advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring include:

• Elegant in appearance
• Includes a touch of heritage
• Costly in installing
• Difficult to maintain

No doubt remains about the fact that Badminton is an enjoyable game. But in order to take the full pledge, proper and suitable equipment must also be used. A good quality shuttle as well as racket is the dire requirement. Remember that the racket must be light in weight and must be suitable enough to hit the shuttle. The shuttle in use must be of conical shaped along with a skirt like structure. You must understand the difference between using shuttles made up of feather and synthetic materials.

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