There exists wide number of sports worldwide. Each one of these sport games is valuable from both the angles of recreation along with gaining reputation in the test matches. Among them Squash is now becoming popular among all. It has been observed that many are going to sports classes in order to gain firm grip on the game.


Squash Game – Gaining Reputation and Popularity


Like other games courts, Squash courts result in regular wear and tear due to regular usage. It has also been observed that plasters of squash court flooring come out and finally cannot stand up for long due to constant pounding by balls and rackets. Also there are many places where the plaster has not been applied in a proper way from the very beginning. It is known fact that the repetitive impacts may turn the pin holes into deep craters hence reflecting adverse effects on the game and finally resulting huge loss of revenue.


Floors Used in Squash


The floors used for Squash are generally provided a finish of 60 grit and left a bit unsealed for providing firm grip for concluding with quick change in direction. This incident shows that the glass back wall for squash court requires regular sanding in order to prevent early and quick discoloring of the bards. You must know that the accumulation of dirt into the grain results in smoothing of the surface. Hence activities related to renovation of board courts must be carried prior to sanding.


Concept of Sanding the Court


You must be wondering about sanding. Rite! For your kind information sanding plays a vital role in easy maintenance of the Squash surfaces hence ensuring high safety for all. In order to maintain the proper standard, regular sanding of the court must be done. Also, you may easily avoid taking off too much wood from the surface. In case you leave the floor un-sanded for years, then high level of sanding of the floor will be required in order to fetch the standard spot. But this will be a costly plan!


While squash court construction is taking place, it is advised to give due attention to the walls which generally get highly damaged. In such case the plaster can be replaced by applying a new one. In case these walls are worn lightly, then they can be painted easily by using approved paints to get back the lost grace. Now, it has been easy to transform the court into new looking space.


Enrolling Name to Court Maintenance Program


In case you are hovering around for fetching a good scheme towards saving of money, then you may enroll your name to a reputed court maintenance program me which will be guiding you in the best possible ways in case of re-plastering along with reconstruction at an economical rate. Some of the recommended materials include:

• Alpha grade gypsum
• Blend of resins, pigments as well as hardening agents
• Armour court

In case of damage and destruction, the smooth finish can be regained in a quick manner that too in an economical rate. Generally there are two main types of flooring which needs to be installed. They are:

• Maple board
• Junker Sylva Squash

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