Costa Sports Lighting Systems (Civil Works)


The PRO SERIES reflectors were engineered to create the perfect beam spread for sports lighting. Pro Series offers multiple configurations ranging from a narrow to wide beams to fit any application.


Standard Features

  • Factory wired, pre-aimed and pre-assembled.
  • Maintenance diagnostic system.
  • Remote ballast assembly, fully supported with aluminum “C” back channel.
  • Ballast enclosure is powder coated galvanized sheet steel with sealed door. Protects electrical components from dirt, moisture and insects.
  • Wiring harness for ballast to cross-arm assembly connection
  • UL Listed two ballast per enclosure reducing operating temperatures.
  • Large reflector, uniquely designed for aerial sports, with 45 degree lamp position to efficiently control light output.
  • Six 1″ clips, secure lens ring and evenly seats gasket to the rolled edge of the reflector.
  • Rugged, anodized cast aluminum mogul housings and arms. Vertical repositioning aiming pin assures re-aiming after scheduled maintenance.
  • Steel cross-arms and hardware galvanized after fabrication, adaptable to any pole requirement.
  • Wind tunnel tested up to 130 mph with a 1.3 gust factor.
  • Stainless steel fittings are aqua-poxy coated for dual corrosion protection.

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