Complete Badminton Court WOODEN FLOORING ‘COSTA’ Air-Cush Wooden Flooring, the wood used is White Oak and Maple.
The COSTA Wooden surface is apt for all ages of players and can be used as
multi-functional sports floor. The COSTA wooden flooring is safe and injury free
sports floor with excellent and consistent resiliency and friction. It is designed in
a way to prevent injuries and different body parts. It provides a perfect balance
between furnishing and slide which is essentially required to enhance comfort and
improve performance.
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SQUASH COURT Air-Cush Wooden Sports Flooring system, confirming the requirement of WSF
(World Squash Federation), consists of Kiln Seasoned/Dried Imported American
Hard Maple or European Sycamore wood surface board and the under frame
made of Imported Fir/Spruce/ Pine wood runners from New Zealand/Australia or
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Synthetic Flooring SYNTHETIC FLOORING Preparation of strong and reliable base is a must for the construction of a synthetic
surfaces, The COSTA synthetic material can be applied on asphalt or concrete base.
The court can be prepared in different cushion thickness depending on the level of
players and budget. Synthetic surfaces are popular because they offer better
playability in both good and bad weather conditions without sacrificing the consistency,
comfort or safety that athletes require.
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Vinyl Flooring VINYL FLOORING Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular indoor flooring surfaces simply because of its
cost, utility & comfort. It is a state of art indoor flooring being installed at all primary sport locations.

Vinyl flooring is a resilient type of flooring. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, and its anti-bacterial
and anti-fungal feature helps in reducing allergens by preventing the growth and reproduction of
harmful microorganisms thus maintaining a hygienic condition in the room. Vinyl flooring’s
non-slippery and non-abrasive finish feature provides extra comfort. Vinyl flooring comes in
numerous designs, patterns and colors. It is also available in wooden finish.
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Rubber Flooring RUBBER FLOORING Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors installations where a durable
surface is required. The hardest wearing flooring finishes are Rubber flooring. Rubber flooring are
made up of SBR granules which are recycled car granules. They are mixed with EPDM rubber which
is synthetically manufactured and colored. These are suitable for Outdoor Children Play area , Gym
floors, weight rooms, indoor sports hall and playground surfaces to name a few.

COSTA Rubber flooring is available to in different designs and colors to provide a tailor-made
approach to the their clients.
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    A Sports Infrastructure Company

    About Us

    Costa Sports Systems Pvt Ltd is a part of Costaa Group of Companies which is one of the most diversified multi-disciplined wood business enterprise in India and well known sports flooring contractors in india. The geographical reach of the group being spread from Arunachal in extreme east to Gujarat in extreme west encompassing the whole of our vast country with Costa products and services over the last 40 years. Costa Sports Systems are a sports infrastructure company specializing in building various kinds of indoor and outdoor sporting arenas on turnkey basis of maple wood flooring and synthetic flooring.

    Our Targeted Clients

    Private Clubs
    Sports Academies
    Defense Establishments
    District Sports Centers
    Gov. Establishments
    Real Estate Developers

    Our Strengths

    Competitive Price
    Experienced Professionals
    Timely Delivery
    Bulk Orders Fulfilled
    Service with Courtesy and Smile

    Our Aim

    Increase the Standard of Sports Infrastructure

    To provide athletes and sports persons from all cities, towns and villages with international standard sports infrastructure. This will help increase the overall standard of sports Infrastructure and level of playing in India.

    Promote Health Awareness and Importance of Sports

    With the availability of good sports infrastructure people will be attracted towards sports and make it a part of their daily routine which in a way helps in spreading health awareness and in the long run will reflect the importance of sports in daily life.

    Providing Comfortable and Attractive Play area for Youngsters

    In todays age when young ones and kids are more attracted towards video games and indoor oriented games, by providing them with a comfortable and attractive infrastructure we can attract them towards a sport of their liking and inculcate the habit of sports at a young age.

    Cost Efficiency

    Provide the feel of international sports infrastructure at cost effective rates.

    Client Satisfaction

    Our prime focus is on attaining complete client satisfaction by offering premium quality products and reliable services. Entire range of services and products is in with varied quality standards and specifications of our clients. Our collection caters to the dynamic requirements of our clients in the best possible manner. We customize our collection in accordance with the details provided by our clients. We offer easy mode of payments to facilitate transaction. We are capable to render the requirements of various clients spread in India.