If you are a big fan of Basketball and hold big infrastructure at your residence, you must be planning to construct a small floor at the sports hall. It is truth that installation of gymnasium as well as sports floor is no doubt a big and challenging deal. Selection of right type of flooring highly influences you performance. Hence, it must be fit enough the activities you are planning to take upon. Simply installing a floor in random manner will not do the needful.


Wood – Great Contribution from the side of Nature


Nature has endowed us with all sorts of beauties and incredible contributions. We need to apply them at a proper place and prevent wastage. Similarly, wooden flooring of basketball court is also one of the best deals. As we know that the size of wood changes which highly affects the rate of humidity and may cause further problems. Installation of wooden floors in damp areas must be avoided.


Wooden flooring for sports ground has been considered to be the best form of flooring which is appropriate for gymnasium and sport court. It is known to offer grace as well as beauty to the floor. Also you may fetch large number of consistent bounces while playing basketball. It is considered to be a sign of heritage which is no more a difficult task to install. In case you are planning to convert your hall for meeting as well as large gathering, then wooden floor is not at all advised.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Floors


Some of the associated advantages and disadvantages associated with wooden flooring can be fetched in a nutshell as under:

• Floors manufactured by using wood is beautiful and highly durable

• You may expect good bouncing of balls especially in case of basketball

• Charge of installation is a bit high

• As it is not sustainable to be applied in areas of high traffic, it must not be used in public places. It becomes difficult to maintain.


It is interesting to note that sports floor manufactured by sing wooden materials hold some sort of additional support from underneath. This salient feature enables the floor to act like a spring which enables putting of less strain on the body of an athlete hence counteracting certain unexpected injuries.


Applicable and Recognized Support for Basketball Court Floor


Some of the most commonly recognized and applicable supports for basketball court flooring include:

Foam underlay of high thickness – In this case the cushion present is responsible for creating bounce on the floor.

Batten system – It is applied with the help of foam which makes the floor act like a batten. The foal acts as a cushion and springs which are ultimately required for sports played on floor.

Carriage system – Also known as cradle system. It is applied along with battens to create plastic support all along the battens. They have been manufactured specifically to allow high bounce rate as well as movement in the battens hence creating high level of springing.


Wooden floors can be expected to keep the room warm which will be a convenient place in winter season. For installing electrical systems, proper planners are required.

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