Squash is a wonderful indoor sport which is played within four walls. Being a fast paced game, the flooring of the squash court is the main element as the game involves several fast movements and pace. Squash court flooring should not be very slippery as a player may fall very easily if it slips. The dimensions of a squash court as 9.75 m in length and 6.4m in width. It is highly complex to build a squash court as several factors need to be considered during its construction. On several occasions the ball is tossed on the flooring and during rallies the ball has to touch the floor and then should be attempted by the other player. Hence, the flooring is the most critical element of a squash court and should be constructed in the best way. The flooring should also be strong so that it does not crack or break due to excess usage. The construction of the Squash court flooring can be done using several surfaces such as wood, concrete, plaster. The sides of the squash court are lined with high quality tempered glass which cannot be broken easily. Squash court floor maintenance is equally important due to its usage levels. It needs to be maintained regularly as any damage to the flooring or the court itself can disrupt the game. Wooden courts are the best and have a longer life when compared to the other types of squash courts.


There are several Squash court suppliers who provide the best types of squash courts. Good squash courts help in greater rebound and proper play as well. Special coating and materials are used by the squash court suppliers to increase the life of these courts. It also ensures that the court is not damaged easily. Engineered floor is another option which is used in the construction of high quality squash courts. This flooring option ensures the well being of the players by preventing them from skidding during playing on these surfaces. Good flooring ensures accurate rebound which is the most important element in a game of squash. When the Squash court flooring is well made, even though there is continuous bounce of the ball on the floor, the rebound remains the same and the flooring is not damaged easily.


The Squash court suppliers also provide the flooring on the basis of the specifications provided by the Federations and see to it that the flooring is of international standards. The flooring may also be constructed of several layers which ensure that the required grip and substance is provided to the players and also ensures free movement. These floors can also be easily maintained by sweeping or performing a vacuum. In case of any minor damages, squash court floor maintenance can also be done by the suppliers. The flooring also includes the drawing of the game lines which should be appropriate and according to the federation specifications. These lines are usually red in color and are straight in drawing.

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