Installation of Wooden flooring is a perfect way to add immense beauty in your dreams house. If you are worried about its quality, durability, finishing, safety, security and more of such things, then stop worry and browse through our website. Our dedication to give you the best of all has made us successful in all types of flooring. We are synthetic flooring supplier in India and provide best services for rubber flooring for gym, artificial grass flooring for lawns and sports courts. Apart from these we have various designs and categories for installation of wooden flooring which you can choose for your house drawing room, office, buildings corridors, restaurants, dancing room, or even some sports practicing rooms. We ensure durability and guarantee best service.

Classy look

With the maple wooden flooring, the shine and the patter of wooden cut gives just the classy look to your floors. Special woods from old trees are used in which glows and shine increases with the passage of time. This is perfect for your office or restaurants. You can choose from the different shades of wood basically light brown or darker shades of brown or even different patterns mixed with different shades of brown. Just the glance of this wooden floor shall be pleasurable.


The edges are particularly kept into consideration to make it perfectly smooth and accurately according to the size of your floor. Even you won’t get to know where the pieces of wood are joined while flooring because the techniques used by them is particularly to make it the appearance of one single piece of wood for the complete flooring.


While installing the wooden flooring, each and every method is done with a special creativity to bring out the desired look. Especially all the preparation of wooden flooring, making of concrete slab, preparing the initial layout for installation, Cutting and fastening of wood in exact shape and size, laying out the initial rows of wood for flooring and then completing the installation.


The most important factor is its durability. The woods and materials used is of the highest grades matching the international standards. Our installation team is highly experienced following approved methods. They make sure to eliminate each and every scope that may lead to wear and tear especially at the edges and places where two wood pieces are to be attached.

Effect of Heat and Humidity

Wood is an organic substance and thus moisture can be absorbed and released by it. This may cause contraction and expansion of wood. Thus the factor of heat and humidity is very importantly taken into consideration. Advances technology and super scientific techniques help our installation team to deal with this problem with wooden floor.


Thus the support from the best installation team, creative designer and engineers have made us the best synthetic flooring supplier in India and helping us to progress more. So, stop thinking and browse or website to add a unique glam to you floors with the classy look of wooden flooring.

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