There are many renowned maple wood flooring developers in India who now produces excellent rubber flooring for children’s play area. You may be wondering why I have stated this in the very beginning of my blog. Well, there is a very good reason behind this. Being a principal of a pre-school I have always to ensure the safety of the kids as they are totally vulnerable to any kind of harm. But I, at the same time, very much encourage the physical activity for the children aging two or three onwards. That’s why I have implemented the rubber flooring in the school premise. It is very safe and children are easily attracted to it. Many of my associates questioned this decision pointing toward only the cost. But as I said earlier, children’s safety is my first priority. Today I am going to introduce them with the features of the rubber flooring which I got to know from COSTA:

rubber flooring for childrens play area

  • As the material is rubber it is very easy to clean and any kind of liquid can be wiped off any time if fallen there.
  • The flooring consists of a special kind of bounce back feature which absorbs all kind of shocks accurately. Therefore, it reduces the chances of children to be injured less.
  • The durability is beyond question. In my school the flooring is seven years old and still it is going very strong.
  • Most importantly, it requires minimum maintenance lessening the cost for it.

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